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James McLean
Gunner, Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery, 11th Division

 James McLean was born in 1918 to Donald and Jean Mclean of Crieff. He became a prisoner of war on 15th February 1942 when Singapore fell to the Imperial Japanese Army. he sailed for 3 weeks on the hellship England Maru from Singapore to Taiwan. It is known that he was interred in Kinkaseki Camp (slave labour in a copper mine), and in Heito Camp (slave labour in a sugar plantation), and at Shirakawa Camp, which was mainly for officers and hospital stays. He remained a prisoner of war in various camps until September 1945, when he was given medical treatment before being sent home. Jimmy lived and worked on a farm near Methven, Perthshire, and died in Crieff sometime in the 1980s.

Name  James McLean
Date of death Unknown
Regiment ATR, RA (Gunner)
Place of burial Unknown

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